laura-elena is a designer and art director currently based in new york city.

I specialize in creating visual expressions and brand identities for entertainment clients. My work spans art direction, social campaigns, branding, photoshoot styling and print.

Some of my clients include Apple Music, Amazon Music, Apple TV+, Netflix and Google. 

My current interest is working with music focused clients and artists.



Amazon Music 

Working on the Growth Marketing team to create custom campaigns across digital, social media, and print. Focusing on partnerships and Artist Marketing.

Working alongside a Creative Director on the Brand & Design team to make beautiful campaigns for Apple TV+ Original content.

Media Arts Lab / TBWA 

Worked as a part of a creative team that focused primarily on creating unique campaigns for Apple Music. Campaigns included print pieces, digital media across all social media platforms, and OOH creative. 

Insync Plus

Worked on a team of designers in the Netflix Product Art division. Specialized in building full suites of product art and worked to adapt theatrical print builds to digital platforms.

Bachelor of Arts in Design | Media Arts with a concentration in Visual Identity and Communication.

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